Welcome to the PMA online benchmarking website!

On this site one can evaluate different planning strategies on realistic industrial cases. To dive in right away, check out the quick start section!

Problem description

Multi-agent systems have been intensively studied and applied in the manufacturing area. However, despite the importance of MAS both industrially and academically, the technology bridge between research and application is very weak.

From one side, researchers are very clever and original in proposing yet-another scheduling solution, butdo provide neither satisfactory indications on their field of applicability nor experimental comparisons with alternative control modes.

On the other side, it is normal that skepticism and discouragement on the matter are pushing manufacturers and software vendors towards considering traditional ways as
their best known approach for all the scheduling and control problems.

How to solve this dichotomy?

On the one hand, there is a strong need for the definition and assessment of good test cases, whichcan be shared among researchers to validate their own developed control systems. On the other hand, there is a strong need in industry for expiremental results directly relevant for their particular manufacturing area.

This website serves for this purpose: to publish and collect (with your support) good test cases which can have industrial relevance and cover all the different production configurations being present in the overall manufacturing area.