Journal publications

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S. CAVALIERI, M. MACCHI, P. VALCKENAERS, Benchmarking the performance of manufacturing control systems: design principles for a web-based simulated testbed, Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing, 14, 2003, pp. 43-58
P. VALCKENAERS, H. VAN BRUSSEL, Holonic Manufacturing Execution Systems, CIRP Annals, 2005, pp. 427-432

Conference publications

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B. SAINT-GERMAIN, P. VALCKENAERS, C. ZAMFIRESCU, O. BOCHMANN, H. VAN BRUSSEL, Benchmarking of Manufacturing Control Systems in Simulation, Proc. of the 3rd Int'l Workshop on Performance Measurement (IFIP WG5.7), IFIP, Bergamo, 2003, pp. 357-369
P. VALCKENAERS, B. SAINT GERMAIN, P. VERSTRAETE, HADELI, C.B. ZAMFIRESCU, H. VAN BRUSSEL, Ant Colony Engineering in Coordination and Control: how to engineer a short-term forecasting system, Proc. of the Int'l Workshop o